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Air Jordan: A Food Podcast

Sep 25, 2019

L.A.'s newest backyard chef sensation aka The Pita Queen of Highland Park, discusses how it all started with catering for Candace Bushnell, 7 years of cooking in Tel Aviv, one pita at a time baking, and the most original breakfast sandwich in Los Angeles.

Sep 19, 2019

Plus, Valerie Gordon serves Pint's Jr. her Blum's Coffee Crunch Cake, which is now shipping nationwide on Goldbelly! This episode is full of all sorts of important lessons, such as straw etiquette, Jon & Vinny's catering menu highlights, how to not f*ck up at a food festival, and so much more. 

Sep 12, 2019

The daughters of Phil Rosenthal and Ray Romano talk growing up in restaurants with famous dads, the new Sycamore Tartine, and a night at Bestia with Jordan and Ori. Plus, who will know Everybody Loves Raymond best and be crowned Best Daughter?

Sep 5, 2019

Burritos, donuts, hot sauce, coffee, beer, a music label, all the acting roles... There is nothing this legendary Angeleno native can not do. Danny enters the Sherman Oaks Food Building to talk growing up in L.A., robbing restaurants, eating in jail, and of course, the Trejo's Tacos and Donuts takeover.