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Air Jordan: A Food Podcast

May 28, 2022

Josh Peck and Joe Vulpis are friends, food lovers, online stars, and co-hosts of the Male Models podcast. Jordan sits down with the fellas to discuss mukbang culture, Joe's love for Josh, their weight struggles, going to the doctor, tanning, and one hell of a night out at the new Woodranch Brentwood location.

May 21, 2022

Liwei Liao of The Joint in Sherman Oaks is the most talked about fishmonger in Los Angeles because of his dry-aging of seafood for restaurants and at home chefs across the city, changing the pre-conceived notions of how we should want to eat. Jordan, Max, and Liwei discuss beating the shit out of fish heads,...

May 14, 2022

The Infatuation LA's 25 Best Restaurant list and the state of LA food media, Animal is back, tipping etiquette, Daniel Boulud is coming, Chicago eats, Goop, our favorite LA Italian, no sex with the staff, Max's thoughts on "Can Shapiro Actually Cook?", and what can Jordan actually cook?

May 6, 2022

Eleven luxuriously conceived fine dining courses inside the Oxalis Palace will determine one of the biggest mysteries in Air Jordan history: can Shapiro actually cook? Ben Hundreds and Jordan will eat, review, and finally render the answer once and for all.