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Air Jordan: A Food Podcast

Feb 25, 2023

Shapiro is back in the building, fresh off an eating bender in Japan to talk all the raw chicken and fish, grilled cow, and fried thangs, and to answer audience questions with Jordan, including best restaurants to take parents to, more Angler 2.0 dishes, dream L.A. food collabs, the wine tasting myth, lots of shrimp,...

Feb 17, 2023

Dave Stassen returns to The Sherman Oaks Food Building to recap the fellas eating on Super Bowl Sunday, and it's all Matū cheesesteaks, not enough and too much pizza, no pints for Pints Sr., and Jordan really overdid it. Then, Jordan travels to the Arts District to sit down with Katianna and John Hong at their...

Feb 8, 2023

The Eagles are in the Super Bowl, so Adam "Shappy" Shapiro enters The Sherman Oaks Food Building to discuss his Philadelphia soft pretzel passion. The fellas talk Ryan Seacrest's role in the origins of this salted dough story, Wetzel's and Auntie Anne's vs. Shappy's, and some extremely personal soft pretzel...

Feb 3, 2023

The fellas returned to the just re-opened and new look Angler, and break down the redesigned menu, space, and vibes. Plus, Jordan becomes Max for a week, which doesn't go well, and Max decided to not post a review on his (still) unverified Instagram account even though he's become a famous food critic.