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Mar 24, 2023

This is it, the last Air Jordan Mastro's Steakhouse ride has arrived in all its shrimp cocktail sauce dripping, hot buttered pretzel roll and shlog covered 90210 glory. Jordan is joined by Shapiro and Josh Peck to review one last Canon Drive gutbusting night, as the boys were recently treated to a feast by...

Mar 17, 2023

Jordan is joined by returning Air Jordan all-stars Jamie Patricof and Lily Rosenthal to talk and debate the best things to order at Torrisi in New York, Mother Wolf, McDonald's, Capital Seafood, Din Tai Fung, Genghis Cohen, Saffy's, Matū, Courage Bagels, Burritos La Palma, and Dan Tana's. Please take notes.

Mar 11, 2023

Jordan is joined by returning all-stars Michael Lasker and Kate Burr to talk the Academy Awards and to draft their dream Oscars viewing party food lineups.  

Mar 3, 2023

Food and wine and caviar connoisseur Charlie Fu joins Jordan and Shapiro to talk everything Astrea, the Chinese sturgeon eggs getting dolloped across Los Angeles, pinpointing the best Astrea dishes all over the city. Plus, Charlie loves to water the head like Max, so we talk best drinking restaurants, some...

Feb 25, 2023

Shapiro is back in the building, fresh off an eating bender in Japan to talk all the raw chicken and fish, grilled cow, and fried thangs, and to answer audience questions with Jordan, including best restaurants to take parents to, more Angler 2.0 dishes, dream L.A. food collabs, the wine tasting myth, lots of shrimp,...