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Air Jordan: A Food Podcast

Apr 19, 2024

Jordan and Max are joined by Beautiful Ben to discuss two recent meals. First up is the Virgil Village izakaya where the boys talk tons of grilled sauced meats, the real hospitality bubbles, and pounds of soft serve that has all made its way into Jordan's ro-ro. The second restaurant tale brings the boys to Calabasas for every food influencer's favorite sushi, where the setting and bites are reviewed, leading to a broader discussion on modern day food critics and their influence. Plus, an L.A. wings discussion, Jordan suprises the fellas with his dedication to the craft, the old man who hated O.J., the old woman who hated Stella, mixing wasabi and soy sauce, Bill Addison and Max are finally aligned, Jordan saw Springsteen, and a "Can Shapiro Actually Cook" sequel update.